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Daniel Feller

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8th Virtualization Expo New York My role allows me to speak with many different people (customers, technologists, coworkers, administrators, etc). I've been able to see presentations comparing the different desktop virtualization solutions out there.  One of the problems I see is that many of the solutions only focus on one aspect of desktop virtualization, and that is the VDI model. VDI is only one aspect of the entire desktop virtualization solution.  This is a concept that many fail to comprehend. For example, I attended Gartner ITExpo and was amazed at how many people I talked to only thought about the VDI scenario (you know VDI, allowing you to have a remote virtual desktop running on a hypervisor in the data center).  When I talked to people about the other options, I could see their eyes light up. If you are reading this and only know about the VDI version, the... (more)

Desktop Virtualization.... The Right Way (Part 1)

8th Virtualization Expo in New York on Ulitzer Have you experienced this before? You need an application to help you with a project. You ask your manager if you can purchase the software and you get approval.  You go out and buy the software and install it onto your desktop and away you go to do your job.  This is a common situation, one I've done myself on many occasions. These applications make up the non-IT delivered application set of every organization, and it is a massive list.  This happens over and over again in every organization and in every department. So when you hear ... (more)

Desktop Virtualization.... The Right Way (Part 3)

Total power often leads to corruption. No, I'm not talking about business or politics. I'm talking about desktops.  Have you been in a meeting where people talk about giving users admin rights to workstations. I have two words for you... Be afraid... Be very afraid...  OK that was 5 words, but the point is clear. Be afraid. Many of the challenges with the traditional, distributed desktop operating environment are the lack of standard definitions and enforcement.  Most organizations strive for a secured and locked down desktop environment, but over time users were granted excepti... (more)

Desktop Virtualization... The Right Way (Part 4)

One office with one type of desktop... Easy.  Hundreds of offices with any type and age of desktops... Difficult but not impossible. Most organizations find themselves in the difficult camp. A user's desktop can be completely different (in terms of hardware, resources, applications and configuration) than the person sitting next to them doing a similar job. As the environment includes users from different departments, in different offices, with different requirements it becomes clear that the understanding of the user topology for an organization is critical before one can create a... (more)

Desktop Virtualization... The Right Way (Part 5)

The user discussion doesn't just end with an understanding of the topology. Desktop virtualization architecture will only get a users so far: access to a virtualized desktop. If the virtualized desktop does not provide the required experience in different scenarios, users will find ways of reverting back to their traditional model or find a way to make life very difficult for you, the architect of this less than stellar solution. Trying to get these users back is challenging as the bad perceptions must be changed and that takes time. Many of the missteps with regards to the user ... (more)